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Latest news in the developments of the Masters program at WITS university.

Having gratefully received an extension from the music department at Wits, the Franx MMus recital will be held in 2016 in Johannesburg. 



In exploration of musical composition that investigates sonic phenomena, the aim is to focus 

on frequencies within the decimal range of 0-20 cycles per second (“Hertz” 2009). The 

spectrum that locates these frequencies is referred to as the Infrasound range (Leventhall 

2007). A number of experiments were conducted to synthesize infrasound, and capture 

various infrasonic field recordings. This thesis discusses the contained information that 

crystalized through the process of my understanding of infrasound and its physical properties. 

The research observations, resulting data and creative work amalgamates the overlapping 

conduct in Psychophysics (Møller 2003), Acoustic Ecology (Pijanowski et al. 2011) and 

Music. The composition that is derived from this study utilizes infrasound in exhibition of 

observations made during my research. Historic and contemporary movements in the arts that 

provide a stylistic and sonic reference, draw influence from examples in ‘Environmental 

Sound Art’, ‘Noise Music’ and ‘Minimalism’.

As an inspirational medium, the main question upon which I will focus my research is: To 

what extent can infrasound be incorporated (or used exclusively) in a musical composition  

and be perceived as musical material? This question will look into issues of communication 

and perception with respect to sonic elements in music such as rhythmical pulse, pitch, 

harmony, temperament and phasing. In order to investigate this question I plan to compose 

and perform a piece incorporating electronically generated infrasonic oscillations and field 

recordings of elephants’ infrasonic calls that are both integrated into the musical work and 

overtly identifiable.

Recital Performances:

Here is some Jazz Music recorded during my final year recital at the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT). 

- - -WARNING!- - - 

- - - Rough Mix!- -

(Click on notation to view full score)